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The Royal Theatre of Toone

The Royal Theatre of Toone (French: Théâtre Royal de Toone, Dutch: Koninklijk Poppentheater Toone), is a folkloric theatre of marionettes, in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 1830, the Théatre Royal de Toone still offers several shows each week.

Eight generations of the Toone family have staged classic puppet productions in the Bruxellois dialect at this endearing marionette theatre, a highlight of any visit to Brussels. Shows are aimed at adults, but kids love them too.

The building also houses a tavern and a small Brussels puppetry museum. The museum contains traditional puppets from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as puppets from Belgium, France and Sicily. It also has posters from the 19th century and a library featuring a collection of volumes on puppets from around the world.