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“Buratino” in English language!

We offer you the very recent version of our great success, “The Golden Key or the Adventures of Buratino”: this time, it’s the English version we’ve made and the translation was supervised by the teacher Mihaela Liteanu. Enjoy the play and stay tuned until the end: you will be awarded by a special bonus!

DEOR Fundu Văii School (Lipovăț, Vaslui): Learning English with puppets

We present you a little movie with a little puppets play made while they learn English by the pupils from the General School of Fundu Văii, Lipovăț village, Vaslui department, member of our DEOR Consortium. The actors: Macovei Luciana 8th form, Chiriac Denis 6th form, Lebada Daniel 5th form.

Folk puppets from Moldavia