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Our participation at the International Booktrailer Festival 2022

Between December 2021 and March 2022, the BOOKTRAILER FILM FESTIVAL Competition was held, made in  partnership with the “A. Calini” Scientific High School, Brescia, Italy.

The FESTIVAL take place at an international level – the XV-th edition in 2022, and is organized by: “A. Calini” Scientific High School, Italy; Spiru Haret” National College, Bucharest, Romania; Secondary high school “Giosuè Carducci”, Brescia; Secondary School “Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych no. 2”, Nowy Targ, Poland; Secondary School “Atanas Dalchev”, Sofia, Bulgaria; Secondary School “Gimnazija Karlovac”, Karlovac, Croatia; Italian Secondary School in Madrid; Italian secondary school in Barcelona.

The official information channels for Booktrailer Film Festival include:  the interactive web platform – www.booktrailerfilmfestival.eu, its own Facebook pages (one for the international stage and one for the national stage) and the official bulletin of the festival.

The Booktrailer Film Festival (BFF) is a place to meet and discuss literature and the ways in which it has been and is promoted through the cinematic language. Schools, libraries, bookstores, associations and websites are involved in the festival.

Created by “A. Calini” in 2007, the festival became European in 2016, at its tenth edition.

The involvement and creativity of middle and high school students is manifested in the creation of short videos designed to promote the pleasure of reading and interest in books.

The stages for participating are as follows:

I. The first stage of the competition – at national level, in which only the booktrailers from Romania participated and the booktrailers were selected  for the international stage; the national jury selected five booktrailers participating in the European competition;

II. The second stage – the international one, where the booktrailers from the participating countries  were judged.

A European jury, composed of two teachers and two pupils from each partner school and chaired by the President of the Italian jury, awarded the prize to the jury of European teachers and students for the best booktrailer.

A scientific committee consisting of several personalities in different fields (cinematography, literature, visual arts, music, advertising) and chaired by the festival director guarantees the cultural quality of the initiative.

The authors of the entries in the competition had to: create a Youtube channel  (preferably named after the participant’s name); upload the English booktrailer and subtitle in a different document and save the link; register on the www.booktrailerfilmfestival.eu website; fill in the registration form on the www.booktrailerfilmfestival.eu website with all the necessary information, including information about the book, synopsis of the book – in Romanian and in English –, credits and the license of the product in competition; post the booktrailer link  on Youtube; fill in the registration form.

The Erasmus+ “Pantins pour l’inclusion” Romanian coordinator project team participated to 2022 edition with a booktrailer inspired by the play “The Golden Key or the Adventures of Buratino”, inspired by the novel of Alexei Tolstoy and by the homonymous puppet theater play written by the project coordinator, Alexandru Mîță.

Read more: Our participation at the International Booktrailer Festival 2022

The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Buratino (Russian: Золотой ключик, или Приключения Буратино) is a 1936 Soviet children’s book by Alexey Tolstoy. Buratino is a wooden puppet carved from wood by a poor and lonely old man, the organ-grinder Father Carlo from a magic speaking piece of wood gives as a gift by his friend, Giuseppe.

Every child can be found in Buratino’s personality: he doesn’t like school too much, he prefers adventure and freedom, he is a true friend, he sometimes takes the wrong path but he knows how to mobilize and how to distinguish, in the end, the good from the bad.

The genius of the author, the famous Alexei Tolstoy, author of fantastic and historical novels from the first half of the twentieth century, makes the confessed source of inspiration (Carlo Collodi’s novel) not to determine an indigo copy of Pinocchio, but to make Buratino a completely different character, more optimistic, more agile, more confident.

Alice the fox, Basilio the cat, Carrabas Barrabas, Duremar come to complete a palette of brightly colored characters who oppose Buratino, set traps for him, always wanting to hack him. However, with the help of Malvina, Artemon, Pierrot and the all-wise tortoise Tortilla, Buratino manages to find out the secret of the Golden Key. Nevertheless, until then, he finds out what is the City of Chumps and the Plain of Wonders, he even learns that his nose should not be dipped in ink, to write!

Buratino never becomes a real boy and doesn’t have that problem at all, being simply treated as a real boy throughout the story. His nose grows long by itself when he is still getting carved but doesn’t change shape afterwards, not being related to his lies or disobedience.

The filming team was composed by pupils the 7th grade from the Theoretical High School “Mihail Kogălniceanu” Vaslui, members of the troupe “Teatrul Nostru” * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater”

Actors: Andrei Hurdubaia, Alexandra Scînteie, Mihnea Sandu, Diana Nica, George Popica, Daria Băcescu, Eduard Rotariu, Bogdan Munteanu, Bianca Ciobotaru. Director: Alexandru Mîță. Romanian Language Coordinator: Mihaela Dumitrita Bahman. English texts: Mihaela-Claudia Liteanu. Music: Alexei Rybnikov, with lyrics by Alexandru Mîță.

Enjoy our production!

The International Festival of the School Animation Theater – 2nd Day, 11th of June 2022

The second day of the 3rd Edition of our Festival is dedicated to “Exclusively Online” Section. 18 creations were included in this section: plays made by schools from Portugal, Italy, Cyprus and Romania.

Enjoy our TV show, broadcasted online by “TeleȘcoala Vasluiană” TV channel!

Festivalul Internațional al Teatrului Școlar de Animație – ziua 1 – 10 iunie 2022

10 iunie 2022. În timp ce, pentru mulți din breasla noastră, începuse deja vacanța, o mână de elevi și câțiva profesori s-au reunit, sub acoperișul binevoitor al Centrului Cultural „Podul Înalt”, Muntenii de Jos, să organizeze, Festivalul Internațional al Teatrului Școlar de Animație – ediția a III-a. Produs final al proiectului Erasmus+ „Pantins pour l’inclusion”, început în 2019 și dus la bun sfârșit în condiții deosebit de grele, Festivalul acesta este dovada atașamentului nostru pentru o artă complexă, dedicată în principal sufletului de copil și clădirii acestuia în chip armonios… S-a râs mult, sincer și bogat, sala a fost plină-ochi cu un public entuziast, iar cum această experiență trebuia împărtășită, facem uz de instrumentele puse la dispoziție de noile tehnologii pentru a ajunge la inima și mintea dumneavoastră. Cu multe-multe mulțumiri adresate entuziastului-mereu tânăr director al Centrului, Romică Brunchi, primarului comunei Muntenii de Jos, Paul-Iulian Lazăr și profesorilor Gina Budaca, Carmen Râșăscu, Mihaela Liteanu, Mihaela Bahman, Cristina Borțun, Mihaela Ghiga, Daniela Lupu… și, cum altfel, extraordinarilor actori ai trupelor de teatru ale liceelor teoretice „Mihail Kogălniceanu” și „Emil Racoviță” din Vaslui, ale școlilor gimnaziale „Ștefan cel Mare” Vaslui, nr. 1 Pungești și, cireașă pe tortul Festivalului, trupei Centrului Cultural „Podul Înalt”, Muntenii de Jos.

Vizionare plăcută!

The International Festival of School Animation Theater – 3rd edition, 10-11th of June 2022

Dear spectators, valuable actors and directors! In the near future, the BIGGEST, the ONLY International Festival of School Animation Theater will take place at the third edition. It is an exquisite meeting place for all the beautiful stories!

The International Festival of School Animation Theater organized in Romania under the auspices of the Erasmus + project “Puppetry for inclusion” , invites you to participate with your troupe or to attend the theatrical performances that will take place on June 10 and 11, 2022, at the Cultural Center “Podul Înalt” of Muntenii de Jos, Vaslui county, Romania.

You can participate with puppet shows, marionettes shows, shadow theater, mask theater, light effects theater, any form of artistic expression is welcome!

We recommend that the duration of a show not exceed 25 minutes! We will have two sections: the face-to-face section that will be organized in the performance hall of the Cultural Center “Podul Înalt” Muntenii de Jos and the online section. All the shows can be watched live on social media and on the special website lang-platform.eu/festival.

The registration form must be completed by May 2, 2022!

We look forward to seeing you all at the festival and wish you all the best!

Let the actors come!


Le Festival International de Théâtre d’Animation Scolaire – 3e édition, 10-11 Juin 2022

Très chers spectateurs, précieux acteurs et metteurs en scène ! Bientôt, le plus GRAND, l’UNIQUE Festival International de Théâtre d’Animation Scolaire, dans sa troisième édition, lieu de rencontre exquis pour toutes les belles histoires, organisé en Roumanie sous les auspices du projet Erasmus + “Pantins pour l’inclusion”, vous invite à participer avec votre troupe ou bien à assister aux représentations théâtrales qui se produiront le 10 et 11 juin 2022, au Centre Culturel “Podul Înalt” de la commune de Muntenii de Jos, département de Vaslui, en Roumanie.
Vous pouvez participer avec des spectacles de marionnettes, des spectacles de poupées, du théâtre d’ombres, du théâtre de masques, du théâtre d’effets de lumière, toute forme d’expression artistique est la bienvenue !
Nous recommandons que la durée d’un spectacle ne dépasse les 25 minutes ! Nous aurons deux sections : la section en présentiel qui sera organisée dans la salle de spectacles du Centre Culturel “Podul Înalt” Muntenii de Jos et la section en ligne. Tous les spectacles pourront être visionnés en direct sur les réseaux sociaux et sur le site web spécial lang-platform.eu/festival.
Le formulaire d’inscription doit être rempli avant le 2 mai 2022!
Nous avons hâte de vous voir tous au festival et vous souhaitons le meilleur du monde !
Que les comédiens viennent !

Festivalul Internațional al Teatrului Școlar de Animație, ediția a III-a, 10-11 iunie 2022

Lume, lume! Mare-festival, mare, SINGURUL Festival Internațional al Teatrului Școlar de Animație, aflat la a treia ediție, loc de întâlnire unic al tuturor poveștilor frumoase, organizat în România sub egida proiectului Erasmus+ „Pantins pour l’inclusion”, vă invită să participați și să vizionați spectacolele înscrise, pe 10 și 11 iunie 2022, la Centrul Cultural „Podul Înalt” din comuna Muntenii de Jos, județul Vaslui.
Puteți participa cu spectacole de păpuși, marionete, teatru de umbre, teatru de măști, teatru cu efecte luminoase, orice fel de expresie artistică este binevenită!
Vă recomandăm ca spectacolele să nu depășească 25 de minute! Vom avea două secțiuni: secțiunea cu prezență – care se va desfășura în sala de spectacole a Centrului Cultural „Podul Înalt” Muntenii de Jos și secțiunea online. Toate spectacolele vor putea fi urmărite în direct, pe rețelele de socializare și pe site-ul special lang-platform.eu/festival.
Formularul de înscriere trebuie completat până la data de 2 mai 2022!
Vă așteptăm cu drag și vă dorim mult succes tuturor!


The Rural Theater Festival “1001 stories/1001 de povești” (episode 2)

Pupils from the 9th A-B-C-D-E-F and 11th E E grades LMK, members of the troupe “Our Theater * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater” at the Festival “1001 stories/1001 de povești ” from the Cultural Center ” Podul Înalt / The High Bridge”, Muntenii de Jos, March 20, 2022. Performance with the play “The Golden Key or the Adventures of Buratino”, a great public success. * * * Elevii de la clasele a IX-a A-B-C-D-E-F și a XI-a E LMK, membri ai trupei „Teatrul Nostru * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater” la Festivalul „1001 de povești” de la Centrul Cultural „Podul Înalt”, Muntenii de Jos, 20 martie 2022. Reprezentație cu piesa „Cheița de aur sau aventurile lui Buratino” pe care am scris-o după cartea lui Aleksei Tolstoi, un mare succes de public.


The Rural Theater Festival “1001 stories/1001 de povești” (episode 1)

The pupils of the 7th grade LMK, members of the theater troupe “Our Theater * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater” at the Festival “1001 stories/1001 de povești” at the Cultural Center “Podul Înalt / The High Bridge”, Muntenii de Jos, March 20, 2022. Performance with the play “Where did 7, 8 and 9 disappear? * * * Elevii clasei a VII-a LMK, membri ai trupei „Teatrul Nostru * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater” la Festivalul „1001 de povești” de la Centrul Cultural „Podul Înalt”, Muntenii de Jos, 20 martie 2022. Reprezentație cu piesa „Unde au dispărut 7, 8 și 9?”

Festivalul de Teatru pentru Copii “1001…de povești

Festivalul de Teatru pentru Copii “1001…de povești

Publicată de Centrul Cultural ”Podul Înalt” Muntenii de Jos pe Duminică, 20 martie 2022


the International School Animation Theater Festival – 2021 edition * Le Festival International du Théâtre d’Animation Scolaire – 2021

The online edition of the International School Animation Theater Festival will take place on the special website http://lang-platform.eu/festival , on Saturday, June 19th 2021, all day long. After watching the participating plays, you will be asked to fill in a form for evaluating them.

L’édition en ligne du Festival International du Théâtre d’Animation Scolaire se déroulera sur le site spécialement conçu http://lang-platform.eu/festival , ce samedi, le 19 Juin 2021, toute la journée. Après avoir visionné les pièces, vous serez prié(e)s de bien vouloir compléter un formulaire d’évaluation.

Formulaire de pré-inscription – Le Festival International du Théâtre d’Animation Scolaire – Vaslui, 19 Juin 2021

Chers collègues, partenaires estimés du Consortium DEOR, chers amoureux de l’art dramatique de l’animation,

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer notre initiative de lancer la première édition du Festival International de Théâtre d’Animation Scolaire le 19 juin 2021, à Vaslui, dans le cadre du projet Erasmus + “Pantins pour l’inclusion”.

On attend la participation des pièces de théâtre de marionnettes, des pantins, du théâtre d’ombres – tout ce qui peut se circonscrire à l’idée du théâtre d’animation. Il n’y a pas de limite d’âge, mais seulement une recommandation visant la durée: notre conseil est que les pièces proposées (qu’elles soient originales, adaptations ou improvisations) durent entre 3 et 15 minutes. Nous aurons deux sections: le théâtre sur scène, à Vaslui et la section en ligne, où vous pourrez participer en envoyant les enregistrements des spectacles au format vidéo (* avi, * mpeg2, * mp4).

Dans le but d’une organisation professionnelle, nous vous fournissons le formulaire de préinscription au Festival, que vous devez remplir avant le 9 mai 2021.

Nous vous attendons avec impatience à cette fête des talents artistiques et de la passion pour les arts du spectacle de ceux qui n’ont pas oublié l’enfance tout en respectant son droit fondamental à un univers magnifique et éducatif!

Le formulaire de pré-inscription est en ligne à l’adresse: https://forms.gle/zGUizWbnSoWchvyU9