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“Grandfather’s Call”

One of our goals in the Erasmus+ “Pantins…” project is that the puppet show to reach those who need it, especially in this period we are going through. In other words, the scenes with puppets and marionettes, the shadow theater, all the animated plays that we will create from now on will go with priority to those who must have childhood fairy tales told by beautiful, cute characters and incarnations of some characters from which the little ones have much to learn – the little children.

One of these “on-site” scenes is “Grandpa’s Call,” a sketch of a kind of Toy Chopper who receives a valuable lesson from his grandfather. The “kids group” as we like to call the smallest actors (well, it’s true that they are not so small, they have already reached the seventh grade) continue their beautiful and useful activity in our troupe ”Our Theater * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater”:  here are the roles and performers of this scene: Vasilică, Fram…. Andrei Hurdubaia; Mihaela…. Alexandra Scînteie; Grandfather.… Mihnea Sandu; The horse, the car…. George Popica.

Enjoy watching this absolute preview of “Plays for the youngest kids”!