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December 2019. Activity at Letea Veche (Bacău, Romania) DEOR parter school


My pupils were very excited and curious to find out the next step, what will they have to do next? When I pronounced the word puppets, I saw different reactions, from excitement to confusion.
“Puppets, miss? What shall we do? How, when, why?”
Yes, they had lots and lots of questions. After I managed to explain to them what they have to do, the magic happened. They all started:
“Miss, I’m going to talk about children that are bullied at school.”
“I’m going to talk about a little girl that has no family.” and so on, and so far.
I was simply dazzled by the results, I couldn’t have asked for more. Seeing their faces glow and their excitement grow bigger as their projects were catching life, my heart grew bigger and bigger with joy and love and hope for my little ones. They worked on modal verbs using can/can’t, must/mustn’t, should/shouldn’t, or different figures of style from impersonation to comparison. We had a blast!
I truly believe the world will be a better one because of them!

by Ioana-Alexandra Sion, Letea Veche Secondary School

A heart-warming experience – Letea Veche School in DEOR

When I first presented this project to my pupils, the first question was:”Will we go abroad?” After clearing this aspect with them and telling them that they have to make posters, banners, puppets that have at the centre of it the concept of inclusion. I explained to them what inclusion means, how certain children do not have the same privileges as they do, and why we must take part in such activities in order to raise awareness of what this means and how much it affects children. I was surprised to see the warmth with which they worked and how their faces lit up while they were working. I was truly amazed when I saw the final result. It was a great experience to have as a teacher, and especially as a human being.

(Sion Ioana-Alexandra, English teacher at Letea Veche Secondary School)