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First workshop of the project in DEOR Context at “M. Sadoveanu” School – Vaslui

While their teachers were still gathering information and establishing the workshops, our students from 6A form, guided by Oana-Maria Uliu and Maria Sofroni, began their first project activity – consisting of research on the history of puppetry and the creation of posters showing the main goals of the project “Puppetry for inclusion”. Their reactions were ever so sweet:”This is much easier than I thought it would be!” said Narcisa Aioanei, who created both a poster and a timeline of puppetry. “And quite interesting!””I can’t wait to make some puppets myself!” declared Iustinian Florea, the only boy in their group who actually offered to make puppets for the further use of his classmates who are going to act in a play later on. The girls joined in, observing the wide variety of puppets that have been used through the ages and expressing their intentions to try to make some themselves, too. 
The members of the first workshop: Iustinian Florea, Narcisa Aioanei, Teodora Plumb, Denisa Moraru, Elena Baban, Ştefan Romaşcu, Maria Ignat, Mihnea Ichim-Andronache.

Let’s enjoy their creations!

(teacher coordinator: Oana-Maria Uliu)