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The little green dinosaur and the orange candies

A new theatrical performance with puppets and a new troupe of animation theater: BOMROAR is its original name, and the show it proposes to you is an unusual fable in which the classic fable animals are replaced by… dinosaurs!

As long as the dinosaurs are cute and the fable has a moral, the show is complete!

Enjoy this new show!

The Theater Troupe BOMROAR. IX-th B form, LMK Vaslui. Actors: Alisia Anghel, Ştefania Cotaie, Octavian Onose, Daria Toader, Larisa Toma. Script: Ştefania Cotaie, Larisa Toma.

The hag’s daughter and The old man’s daughter

In the complex action that we entitled “Animation Theater – from us for the little ones” included in the Erasmus + project “Pantins pour Inclusion”, the challenge was multiple, from the composition of the troops to the distribution of tasks, from the writing of the scripts to their translation and staging, with the choice of an appropriate way of expression circumscribed to the animation theater. We worked with five 9th grades and one 10th grade from the “Mihail Kogălniceanu” Theoretical High School. The other (international) partners in the project will join us, at the beginning of 2022. Here is the first one of these productions:

A story full of the core with all the charm of the fantastic meaning from our fairy tales, masterfully written by Ion Creangă, “The hag’s daughter and the old man’s daughter” that can be read at any age, each generation having lessons to learn and put at the gate of the soul. That is why the young screenwriters Melissa Ștefania Antochi, Mara Elena Apostoleanu and Andreea Ioana Dumitrescu from the 9th B chose this text and poetically shaped it into a puppet play that they transposed on stage with the help of their colleagues Ianis Teodor Bologa, Vlad Ștefan Enache, Ștefan Mihai Gherghe, Laura Valentina Pintilie, Teodor Rotaru.

It is the first one from a series of theatrical productions that we invite you to watch and, later, to evaluate. We will then polish and present them to the audience that needs these plays so much, the audience of the youngest spectators – children from kindergartens, primary schools and the first two classes of general school.

We look forward to hearing from you!

“Grandfather’s Call”

One of our goals in the Erasmus+ “Pantins…” project is that the puppet show to reach those who need it, especially in this period we are going through. In other words, the scenes with puppets and marionettes, the shadow theater, all the animated plays that we will create from now on will go with priority to those who must have childhood fairy tales told by beautiful, cute characters and incarnations of some characters from which the little ones have much to learn – the little children.

One of these “on-site” scenes is “Grandpa’s Call,” a sketch of a kind of Toy Chopper who receives a valuable lesson from his grandfather. The “kids group” as we like to call the smallest actors (well, it’s true that they are not so small, they have already reached the seventh grade) continue their beautiful and useful activity in our troupe ”Our Theater * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater”:  here are the roles and performers of this scene: Vasilică, Fram…. Andrei Hurdubaia; Mihaela…. Alexandra Scînteie; Grandfather.… Mihnea Sandu; The horse, the car…. George Popica.

Enjoy watching this absolute preview of “Plays for the youngest kids”!

The Royal Theatre of Toone

The Royal Theatre of Toone (French: Théâtre Royal de Toone, Dutch: Koninklijk Poppentheater Toone), is a folkloric theatre of marionettes, in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 1830, the Théatre Royal de Toone still offers several shows each week.

Eight generations of the Toone family have staged classic puppet productions in the Bruxellois dialect at this endearing marionette theatre, a highlight of any visit to Brussels. Shows are aimed at adults, but kids love them too.

The building also houses a tavern and a small Brussels puppetry museum. The museum contains traditional puppets from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as puppets from Belgium, France and Sicily. It also has posters from the 19th century and a library featuring a collection of volumes on puppets from around the world.

Le projet des Pantins redémarre à Pungești, aussi * The Pantins project is restarting in Pungești, too

Nous revoilà dans le beau village de Pungești où, sous l’œil attentif de leurs professeurs de langues et de la coordinatrice locale du projet, Mme Maria Cristina Șelaru, les élèves de l’équipe du projet Erasmus+ « Pantins pour l’inclusion » ont recommencé les répétitions de leurs nouvelles pièces de théâtre avec marionnettes. Malgré la récente fermeture des écoles en Roumanie sous le signe de la pandémie, leur énergie créatrice est orientée maintenant dans les répétitions qu’on organise en ligne par la visioconférence en Zoom ou Meets. Au printemps, les mômes de Pungești espèrent pouvoir finalement voyager au Chypre pour continuer les activités d’apprentissage à l’étranger, à côté de leurs amis et partenaires de Portugal, d’Italie et, bien sûr, de Chypre.

               Tout en profitant des quelques semaines passées « au scénario vert », selon la classification roumaine, c’est à dire avec l’école ouverte et les élèves en salle de classe, les enfants de Pungești ont travaillé de bon cœur et c’est un immense plaisir de vous montrer ici quelques exemples de ce travail : les répétitions du théâtre des pantins à Pungești !

Here we are again in the beautiful village of Pungești where, under the watchful eye of their language teachers and the local project coordinator, Mrs. Maria Cristina Șelaru, the pupils of the Erasmus + project team “Puppets for inclusion” have started rehearsing their new puppet plays. Despite the recent closure of schools in Romania under the sign of the pandemic, their creative energy is now directed to the rehearsals that are organized online by video conferencing systems Zoom or Meet. In the spring, the kids from Pungești hope they can finally travel to Cyprus to continue learning activities abroad, alongside their friends and partners from Portugal, Italy and, of course, Cyprus.

While taking advantage of the few weeks spent “in the green scenario”, according to the Romanian classification, meaning that the school was open and the pupils were in the classroom, the children of Pungești worked heartily and it is a great pleasure to show you here some examples of their work: the rehearsals of the puppet theater in Pungești!