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Season’s Greeting with our Puppets * Vœux pour les fêtes avec nos pantins * Urări de Sărbători cu marionetele noastre

Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2020 greetings from the Romanian team of the coordinating institution of the Erasmus + project “Pantins for inclusion” – Theoretical High School “M. Kogălniceanu” Vaslui – Romania

The following pupils – members of the Theater Troupe Théâtre « Teatrul Nostru * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater » have sent their wishes to you: Alex Cogălniceanu, Bianca Ciuchilan, Daria Zaharia, Miruna Ilinca Crețu, Costel Cristian. A short movie by Alexandru Mîță

Vœux de Noël et du Nouvel An 2020 de l’équipe roumaine de l’institution coordinatrice du projet Erasmus+ « Pantins pour l’inclusion » – le Lycée Théorique « M. Kogălniceanu » Vaslui – Roumanie

Vous ont fait leurs vœux les élèves membres de la Troupe de Théâtre «Teatrul Nostru * Notre Théâtre * Our Theater» : Alex Cogălniceanu, Bianca Ciuchilan, Daria Zaharia, Miruna Ilinca Crețu, Costel Cristian sous la direction. Un court-métrage de Alexandru Mîță.

Urări de Crăciun și Anul Nou 2020 din partea echipei române a instituției coordonatoare a proiectului Erasmus + „Pantins pour l’inclusion”  de la Liceul Teoretic „M. Kogălniceanu” Vaslui – România

Următorii elevi – membrii trupei  «Teatrul Nostru * Notre Théâtre * Teatrul nostru» v-au transmis urările de sărbători: Alex Cogălniceanu, Bianca Ciuchilan, Daria Zaharia, Miruna Ilinca Crețu, Costel Cristian. Un scurt-metraj de Alexandru Mîță

December 2019. Activity at Letea Veche (Bacău, Romania) DEOR parter school


My pupils were very excited and curious to find out the next step, what will they have to do next? When I pronounced the word puppets, I saw different reactions, from excitement to confusion.
“Puppets, miss? What shall we do? How, when, why?”
Yes, they had lots and lots of questions. After I managed to explain to them what they have to do, the magic happened. They all started:
“Miss, I’m going to talk about children that are bullied at school.”
“I’m going to talk about a little girl that has no family.” and so on, and so far.
I was simply dazzled by the results, I couldn’t have asked for more. Seeing their faces glow and their excitement grow bigger as their projects were catching life, my heart grew bigger and bigger with joy and love and hope for my little ones. They worked on modal verbs using can/can’t, must/mustn’t, should/shouldn’t, or different figures of style from impersonation to comparison. We had a blast!
I truly believe the world will be a better one because of them!

by Ioana-Alexandra Sion, Letea Veche Secondary School

“Pantins pour l’inclusion/Puppetry for Inclusion” at Râṣeṣti School – Ghermănești School “Prof. I. Dănilă” (Vaslui County, Romania)

   Râṣeṣti is a village near river Prut, The mound of Răbâia stands as the symbol of the village, here great personalities passed such as Mehmet IV – the Ottoman Sultan, the king of Poland – Jan Sobieski, Dimitrie Cantemir – the ruler of Moldova and many others  unknown by us.

   The school of the village of Râṣeṣti has beautiful children. When you step into the school, a small one, in the same time you enter into the past, present and future. We believe that the great Romanian writer Lucian Blaga was able to fix in just few words the essence of this village, of every village: “The eternity was born in the village’’. Pupils here ride their bikes to come to school, there is a certain silence even during the breaks, and they are next to their teachers when it comes to competitions and their own desire to know more. You can always count on their smile, their look beyond what is obvious, their works and their results.

    They are happy to know they can be part of another project, a project that involves something that is part of their universe – the puppets. Creativity is what can bring us together, that was the sentence around pupils’ works, puppets and drawings.

    Born in Wales to Norwegian immigrant parents, Roald Dahl‘s books champion the kindhearted, and feature an underlying warm sentiment, this is the feeling we experienced among the children at school while working at the project. ‘’Life is more fun if you play games ‘’ (Uncle Oswald) is another sentence that speaks about the goal of this project.

En préparant l’échange des élèves de Vaslui (Nov. 2019) et le Festival bilingue Francophone de Buzău

Un petit coup d’œil dans les coulisses du projet. Nous vous présentons l’une des nombreuses répétitions dans le projet Erasmus des pantins. Ici, avec quelques élèves de la 7e classe (Lycée Théorique « M. Kogălniceanu » Vaslui), le 12 Octobre 2019, en préparant en même temps l’un des spectacles qui seront présentés sur la scène du Festival de théâtre bilingue francophone de Buzău – édition 2019 du mois de Novembre.