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Students learn the ancient art of puppet-making and performance as they create their own puppets to perform original or traditional stories.

Easy to operate, the students can play with the puppets, bringing them to life and attributing personalities, characteristics, attitudes and more.
The world that the children create with puppets is entirely their own, a world without boundaries that they can freely explore. When used in the classroom, these puppets can help boost creativity and stimulate students’ imagination, it encourages them to be actively involved in the learning process and share their thoughts and observations.

“I can hardly wait to use these puppets in a play!” Ana, 6th grade

“It was a wonderful week; I loved it and feel very grateful that I was able to take part in it. I had a lot of fun!” Bianca, 7th grade

The members of the first workshop: 9 students from form 6th A, B and C and 7 students from form 7th A form.

Coordinating teachers:
Rotilã Petru, Sardariu Alina, Frãţiman Lãcrãmioara, Terinte Corina, Rotilã Viorica, Faifãr Dãnuţa, Calciu Mona.

“Pantins pour l’inclusion/Puppetry for Inclusion” at Râṣeṣti School – Ghermănești School “Prof. I. Dănilă” (Vaslui County, Romania)

   Râṣeṣti is a village near river Prut, The mound of Răbâia stands as the symbol of the village, here great personalities passed such as Mehmet IV – the Ottoman Sultan, the king of Poland – Jan Sobieski, Dimitrie Cantemir – the ruler of Moldova and many others  unknown by us.

   The school of the village of Râṣeṣti has beautiful children. When you step into the school, a small one, in the same time you enter into the past, present and future. We believe that the great Romanian writer Lucian Blaga was able to fix in just few words the essence of this village, of every village: “The eternity was born in the village’’. Pupils here ride their bikes to come to school, there is a certain silence even during the breaks, and they are next to their teachers when it comes to competitions and their own desire to know more. You can always count on their smile, their look beyond what is obvious, their works and their results.

    They are happy to know they can be part of another project, a project that involves something that is part of their universe – the puppets. Creativity is what can bring us together, that was the sentence around pupils’ works, puppets and drawings.

    Born in Wales to Norwegian immigrant parents, Roald Dahl‘s books champion the kindhearted, and feature an underlying warm sentiment, this is the feeling we experienced among the children at school while working at the project. ‘’Life is more fun if you play games ‘’ (Uncle Oswald) is another sentence that speaks about the goal of this project.